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Because of their vital role in business, professional sales people are among the best paid employees for a company. In fact, more people make $100k+ in sales than any other profession in the United States. These positions also lead to advancement in upper management in many Fortune 500 companies. The knowledge, expertise, and experience ub sales is essential for most CEO's to lead their corporations in today's competitive business environment. Sales training as preparation for the future is essential.

Our Mission

The Center for Sales Leadership + Education (CLSE) creates opportunities for University of Minnesota students to further their sales education, develop pracatical skills, provide applied business experience, and create sales leaders through education, partnerships, and research. In addition, CSLE advances the sales profession through academic education, valued outreach activities, and impactful research.

Our Goals


We strive to provide individuals with invaluable sales knowledge and experiences to give them a head-start in the work force.


We provide opportunities for our students to interact and develop relationships with corporate partners within the Twin Cities.


Create a certification program in Professional Sales to facilitate professional growth.


We remain open and inclusive to all University of Minnesota undergraduate students.


There is no cost to undergraduate students to be part of CSLE.


Eighty percent of CSLE activities are operated by students.

Become a Partner

Our corporate partners are the lifeblood of CSLE. CSLE would not exist without their generous support. The inherent value for our partners is the access to qualified students early on in their university experience through CSLE, providing an advanced opportunity to identify and recruit those students that best fit their company's requirement and culture.

Other benefits include: Opportunities to build your brand around campus; reduce recruiting, training, and turnover costs; access networking opportunities with students; and finally, make a positive difference in the lives of the next generation of sales professionals who may one day make significant contributions to your company.

For information on partnerships, contact CSLE Executive Director, Todd Williams, at