Twin Cities Collegiate Sales Team Championship

Taking place

April 12th - April 14th 2023

Welcome to all teams, coaches, and competitors! We are excited to welcome teams to The Center for Sales Leadership and Education's 5th Annual Twin Cities Collegiate Sales Team Championship!

Competition updates will be available in January 2023


2022 Final Results

2022 Final Event Results



Cumulative Scores Through Each Round

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Finals Viewing

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Student Start Times WIth Zoom Links

Starting Times by Student for the First 3 Rounds of the Competition

Career Fair

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Competition Agenda

Twin Cities Collegiate Sales Team Championship Agenda and Times

Twin Cities Business competition

Competition Overview

Structure and Rules for the 2022 Collegiate Sales Team Competition

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List of Twin Cities Collegiate Sales Team Championship Sponsors

Role Play

Role-play Scenario

Role-Play Scenarios (Rounds 1 - 3)


Judge Criteria and Rubric

Rubric and Weighting by Round

Zoom Recordings

Zoom Recordings

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Competing Universities

List of Competing Universities (As of 1/21/22)